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Ranger Robert Lewis McGhee Jr.
Gulf Islands National Seashore

Ranger Robert McGhee was shot and killed May 26th, 1990 in the Gulf Islands National Seashore, Mississippi.

Ranger McGhee was shot by two convicts who had just escaped from a Florida correctional facility, using a .38 caliber revolver stolen from a corrections officer during the escape.


A female hostage the two had taken was able to escape and notified police of the suspect's location. The suspects fled and entered the park. Ranger McGhee stopped the suspects when they ran a stop sign, although he did not know they were wanted. During the stop the suspects opened fire, killing Ranger McGhee.

The suspects were later apprehended after a gunfight with another police officer in which one of the suspects was wounded. They were found guilty of Murder of a Federal Police Officer and sentenced to life. One of the suspects later escaped from prison but was eventually shot and killed in a shootout with police officers.

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