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Our Garden 2015

Annual Edibles

Beans, Pole (8)
Cucumbers (6)
Eggplant, Little Fingers (4)
Eggplant, Hansel (8)
Lettuce, Buttercrunch
Lettuce, Red
Greens, Russian Red (4)
Greens, Mustard (8)
Kale, Vates Blue Currled Scotch (4)
Kale, (4)
Pepper, Banana (4)
Pepper, Ghost (1)
Pepper, Jalapeno, mild (4)
Pepper, Jalapeno, hot (4)
Pepper, Lemon Drop (4)
Rubarb (3)
Squash, Summer Straight Neck (4)
Squash, Zucinni (1)
Swiss Chard, Bright Lights (8)
Tomato, Roma (10)
Tomato, Better Boy (4)
Tomato, Cherry
Tomato, Early Girl (4)
Tomato, Yellow Pear (1)




Basil (1)
Chives, Garlic
Rosemary (1)
Sage, Pineapple (1)


Perennial Edibles

Blackerries - we have a small wild blackberry patch in our yard, and we are glad to have it.

Blueberries - this spring we have added 7 blue berry bushes to our yard. Hopefully we will have berries next year.

Strawberry - this spring we added 8 everbering strawberry plants to our raised bed garden. Considering dedicating that section of the garden to more strawberries next year. Shoots from the existing strawberries have already added about 5 more plants.

Figs, Brown Turkey - This is the fifth year for our fig bushes. Last year the almost looked dead, but sprouted new growth at the base leaving dead original stalks. We trimmed back the dead stalks and the new growth made noce, but smaller bushes than the year before. The year the same thing, the larger stalks from last year appear dead, with new growth coming up from base. Last year we had very few figs. I'm afraid it will be the same this year.


Flower Garden

Black-eyed Susan
Bee Balm, Bubble Gum
Butterfly Bush
Coneflower, Cheyenne Spirit
Coneflower, Pink Tennessee -
Dafodil, Dwarf
Fern, Japanese Painted
Fern, Southern Wood
Fox Glove
Hosta, Earth Angel -
Hosta, Lemon Lime -
Hosta, Patriot
Iris, Dwarf, White
Iris, Siberian
Iris, Wild Tennessee
Lily, Calla
Lily, Canna
Lily of the Valley
Shasta Daisy
Trillium, White



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